Saturday 22 February 2014

Paris/Birthday Haul

Hey! Today I wanted to share with you things things I've bought/received as gifts recently, having just had my 21st birthday! (does this mean I'm supposed to be all mature and stuff now?)

First up, the things I got as birthday presents. The main of which being the Clogau necklace (so pretty) from my parents, and my 21 Clogau charm from my grandparents. My best friend also got my a Pandora charm (that'll be the 'Best Friends' one you can see above) and one of my housemates also got me a bottle of my favourite vodka (yum). Finally, I got some cute '21' themed doggy keyrings, and a gorgeous Radley purse from a friend of my mum's which was super lovely.

Then of course there was a little shopping done in the duty free of the airport, some pretty shoes because I'm an idiot who forgot to pack nice shoes, and some MAC I'd been eyeing up, in the form of Club eyeshadow and a small angled brush ideal for winged eyeliner. I also picked up Paradisco eyeshadow, and I've found it works really nice with golds or MAC Cranberry.

And finally, what would be a trip to Paris without macarons and a visit to Sephora. The macarons were rapidly consumed - so delicious - and now I'm using the box to contain my cotton pads! You may also spot some shooter glasses, I kind of collect them... Some people buy souvenir fridge magnets, I buy shot glasses.

In Sephora, the first thing I picked up was the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer, because I've heard Tanya Burr rave about this, and it's not available in the UK. I then picked up a chocolate scented Eau de Toilette which is a handy size for in a handbag, and a Caramel bath bomb mostly for the novelty. I got the Sephora Triple Action Cleansing water, because I enjoyed using a mini Clarins one I'd taken with me, but this was just 3. I also saw this strange silicon-y exfoliating pad, so I picked it up to give a try, and so far it's nicer to use than the face brush I'd previously been using. 

Finally, just before I was about to pay, I spotted the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (travel size) for cheaper than it is here, and I've had it as a sample before and liked it so quickly added this to my basket too. They also added some moisturiser samples, and I now have a stash of moisturiser samples I really need to get through!



  1. Happy Birthday xx

  2. Hi there :-) I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award and am consequently on the look out for other blogs under 200 followers that deserve some recognition, so I’ve popped your name down! Hope you don’t mind :)

    And of course, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!