Thursday 6 February 2014

Mavalia Style Collection: Review and Swatches

Hey! Today I've a got a review of a collection I'm pretty excited about! Mavala, being my favourite nail polish brand, asked if I'd like to review their latest collection of lipsticks from sister brand Mavalia. Of course I said yes!

I didn't realise until this point that Mavala had a sister brand, but this is information I'm very happy to know now! The Mavalia lipsticks are described as "the perfect addition to your beauty wardrobe, comprising of a capsule collection of staple shades to suit any occasion and any lip." I have to say I completely agree, all of these shades are very wearable in my opinion, and quite appropriate for this time of year, transitioning from winter to spring.

In all above, left to right: 601 Velvet Peach, 602 Rose Vintage, 603 Glam Pink, 604 Mystic Violet, 605 Powder Rose, 606 Poppy Red.

And also some lip swatches, to show just how wearable all of these colours are!

Velvet Peach* (a soft peach) is definitely a true peach colour which will be perfect for spring. I also think it is an ideal shade for pairing with a heavy eye makeup if you still want a bit of lip colour.

Rose Vintage* (a rosy pink) is that stereotypical 'my lips but better' colour - it looks darker in the bullet than it does on the lips.

Glam Pink* (a full-on fuschia) is a colour I feel is going to take pride of place as my new 'going out' lip colour. There's something about it that just yells "party time!"

Mystic Violet* (a deep violet) I would describe as a more wearable version of MAC's Rebel. It looks quite intimidating in the bullet, but looks lovely on!

Powder Rose* (a nude pink) is a true nude which reminds me of Sleek's Barely There.

Poppy Red* (a popping red) as you may have guessed, is the classic red colour. I would say this is a true red, but with the barest hints of blue undertones - helping make your teeth look whiter!

I have raved about the application and lasting power of Mavala polishes, and let me tell you, I'm going to do the same for Mavalia lipsticks! They don't survive eating, (but then I've yet to find a lipstick which does!) but asides from that, they last so well! They have what I would describe as a satin-y velvet-y finish which makes them glide on easily - and there's no bleeding!

"Mavalia lipsticks are infused with the unique moisturising blend of Shea butter, Vitamin E and Aloe to ensure that lips look not only look on-trend but beautifully conditioned." My lips do indeed feel moisturised, it's a nice change from my matte lipsticks and to not have to apply lip scrub several times a day!

All of these have cool undertones, making them perfect for those with pale complexions (although I reckon they'd look great with a tan too!) Overall, I think these are fantastic - especially for those looking to branch into brighter lip colours. It can be daunting sometimes choosing - 'which red is best for my skin tone?' is a question I often ask myself, but this collection seems to have been chosen cleverly to suit pretty much everyone (what a claim right there).

These retail for £11.95, so high-end but still more affordable than MAC (what exactly are MAC playing at?) and available at independent salons and retailers. This would be my one quip, that they're not so easily available online.

What do you think of these?


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