Sunday 2 February 2014

Disappointing Products #2

Hey! I don't mean to get all negative on you guys, but sometimes ya gotta get real. Know what I'm sayin'? But seriously. You can't love every product ever, and I think it's refreshing to see honest, negative reviews every once in a while.

The first thing is this Timotei Organic Delight Health & Nourishment Conditioner. In my January Empties post (here), it featured a fair amount of conditioners - well this is the culprit. I applied it to my hair once, and left the shower with hair that felt like straw. Not really what conditioner is meant to do. I gave it another chance, but again hair that felt like I had just bleached it, burnt it and backcombed it for good measure. (Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but still.) Just to rub salt into the wound, this smells unpleasantly like herbs. I'd get over that, if the product worked, but it doesn't.

The second thing is the Beauticology Strawberry Sundae*. Not sure how I feel about saying bad things about PR samples, but I feel I need to be honest. This doesn't lather. At. All. I contacted the company who tested a sample from this batch, and reported that theirs was fine. Maybe I have a dud, but I do know someone else who received this at the same event had the same problem. Who knows? I'm now using this in my bath to add a nice smell.

Finally, is the Anti Blemish Skinetica Toner*. For something that claims to be anti-blemish, I personally didn't find that to be the case. That's not to say it won't work for others; I've read many great reviews online, which I guess has further fuelled my disappointment. My main issue here though, is that it claims to have "no harsh chemicals" and then lists the second ingredient as alcohol. What?

What do you think of negative reviews? Promise my next one will be happier!



  1. I have been eyeing up a lot of the beauticology shower gels as their scents sounds lovely, I did think maybe they would be a little synthetic smelling - thanks for the heads up :)
    I actually love reading disappointing reviews - I like to read what others haven't got on with as I don't think it is done enough!
    Great post hun :) xx

    1. thanks! it does smell kind of synthetic, but in a good way? think strawberry laces type smell x

  2. It's a shame the shower gel doesn't lather well because it sounds like it would be nice from the name.

    Kimberley x

    Kimberley's Beauty Blog

    1. it smells gorgeous, so at least I can use it to make my bath smell nice! x

  3. I wrote a negative review on the Beauticology shower gel too - it is rubbish! Such a shame because it smells lovely and has such beautiful packaging. I've used up the Skinetica Toner but just don't know how I feel about it. I thought it was funny about the alcohol thing too. xo