Sunday 23 February 2014

Dinner in the Eiffel Tower

Hey! As promised, today I'm going to show you the pictures from my amazing 21st birthday meal, up the Eiffel Tower of all places!

The whole evening was amazing, one I will remember forever (plus it's now documented here ;)). The food was delicious, I ordered a trio of salmon as starter, a cereal crusted chicken main (sounds weird I know!) and a Mont Blanc with candied chestnuts for dessert. There was complimentary champagne, and plenty of wine. The waiters were very attentive, and on finding out it was for my birthday, added a candle to my dessert and sang to me (why is it always awkward when people sing happy birthday to you?). There was also a professional photographer, so we did get some fancy photos too.

As for what I wore, I kept it simple and classy with this dress, black tights and my new Next shoes from the airport. Jewellery was also simple, this necklace and new Eiffel Tower earrings purchased that day I believe!

For makeup, I switched up my standard gold smoky eye by using MAC Club all over the lid, and gold as more of a liner. I paired this with classic red lips (Mavalia Poppy Red*).

I think that wraps up this mini-Paris-series I've had going this weekend! Hope you've enjoyed.



  1. So beautiful! I've been to the eiffel tower a few times but never managed to go up it!! And had no idea they have a restaurant in the eiffel tower!! And happy belated birthday! :P

  2. I moved to Paris a few months ago and have been dying to try the restaurant but hubby is too scared of heights haha. looks like you had a lovely time!
    xo Kirsty