Monday 3 February 2014

Campus Style

Hey! Something a bit different today, since I've decided I'd like to do a few more fashion posts! To start off with, I thought I'd share my everyday sort of look, for days when it's cold and I have to walk to lectures and do work and stuff.

While I'm a bit in denial and keep thinking Spring is really soon, it's still so cold outside! However I am useless at layering so this is the sort of thing I like to wear: ankle boots, leggings and a nice cosy jumper (you can never have too many jumpers right?). Then to wrap up I have my big khaki parka (mine was from Asda of all places!) and cosy winter accessories to keep my extremities warm, and so my hands don't fall off.

Short and sweet post today, let me know if there's any other sorts of outfits you'd like to see!


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