Wednesday 26 February 2014

Fashion February: Kimono

Hey! Today is my final post in the #fashionfebruary series I've been a part of. The 'theme' this week is to style a kimono, a trend I want to get on the bandwagon of, but wasn't really sure how to wear one out of a holiday beach cover-up type of situation. So this style 'challenge' was pretty much perfect for me.

I decided to go on Polyvore and let my creativity take over, and ended up styling this floral kimono with a monochrome striped pair of jeans, and added a pop of colour with a cobalt blue bag - plus simple shoes and plenty of rings as accessories because I recently bought a selection of rings/midi rings I've been enjoying wearing all at once.

I personally think the outfit works, despite the potentially clashing prints, but what do you think? Would you wear this?



  1. I LOVE kimonos! I'd think the jeans are a little overpowering for me, but that kimono would look so cute with any jeans!
    Estelle x

  2. I have a couple of kimonos, they're gorgeous - in fact I'm wearing one today! This is such a beautiful pairing, I love the pop of colour from the bag!

  3. I really like the kimono trend! But I still have to get my own one! x

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.