Sunday 29 March 2015

Let's Talk About: Sleep

Ah sleeping, one of my favourite weekend activities. I recently found out that March is International Sleep Awareness Month from a sleep loving company called Casper Mattress that is trying to generally raise awareness. Of course it's now nearly the end of the month (oops) which seems to have flown by! 

I'd love to spend every day sleeping in till mid afternoon, but I've been so busy with University work that that hasn't been an option lately! I love this little infographic Caspar sent, and I've definitely related to them all at some point but probably the one that suits me most is The Bed Hogger (hello starfish sleeping style).

Which one are you? And just before I go I'll leave you with these sleep inspired nails - Snorlax Nail Art - the laziest of all the Pokémon.

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