Friday 31 January 2014

The Winter Tag

Hey! Back in December (which seems so long ago now!) I was tagged by Francesca from The Francesca Diaries to do the Winter Tag! 

This is my first official tag, that I haven't invited myself to, so I couldn't resist! I had a pretty busy December though, and then exams happened, so I haven't gotten round to it until now... (bad Charley). Because of this, I've omitted the questions about Christmas - it's definitely a tad early to be getting excited just yet, but if you do want to read some similar answers I did the Christmas tag here.

Okay, time for the tag!

The Rules:

Share 12 Random Facts about yourself.
Answer the 12 Questions from another Blogger.
List 12 Bloggers you want to tag.
Let the Bloggers know they have been nominated.

The Facts:

I'm in my third year of an Electronic Engineering degree.
I will be turning 21 this year!
I have two dogs called Bailey and Coco.
I have never broken a bone (had a couple of fractures though).
My favourite card in the deck is the 8 of diamonds.
I hate mushrooms, because they squeak when you eat them.
I've been to Egypt 3 times but never seen the pyramids.
In the past I've had my hair blue, purple and red (but not at the same time!)
I still bite my nails; a habit I really want to kick.
I used to be afraid of wolves (because of this film) but I'm not any more.
I once tweeted a joke to Dara O'Briain during one of his shows, which he made me tell to the audience.
One day I would like to live abroad - preferably somewhere warm.

The Questions:

What are your favourite things about winter?
Christmassssssssss! Also New Year's Eve. Most definitely not the cold weather though, brrr.

What is your favourite winter outfit?
Oversize jumper, leggings and cosy boots! This is pretty much the kind of thing I wear daily (more on that in a future post), I find it more difficult to branch out and be more 'fashionable' in the colder weather.

What is your favourite winter food?
Roast dinners! My favourite is roast pork (mmm crackling and apple sauce) and it is always essential to have roast potatoes in my opinion!

Favourite winter drink?
Generally, lattes! I've been pretty addicted to Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte, but they've disappeared with the festive season being over (boo). I love most flavours of latte though, which are thankfully available all year round!

What is your dream way to spend a winters day?
I don't think I really have one to be honest! There's something lovely about having a relaxing bath with bubbles and a face mask when the weather has been miserable though.

How do you like your make up in the winter?
By current daily sort of makeup is a heavier base, neutral eyes with winged liner, bronzed cheekbones, and a dark red lip. (Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post!)

What is your favourite winter song?
I don't really vary my music by season, but I am currently loving Skulls by Bastille and Odd Look by Kavinsky.

What is your favourite winter memory?
During first year of uni, during the heavy snow, we borrowed some dinner trays from our hall and used them as makeshift sleds down one of the hills on campus. It was so much fun, despite getting absolutely drenched in snow!

What is your favourite winter scent?
I don't really switch up my fragrance depending on season, but my current perfume is Nina by Nina Ricci.

The Bloggers:

I'm not actually going to tag anyone for this (such a rebel), because we are getting towards the end of winter now but if anyone does really want to do it, feel free!


  1. Just so you know, I've nominated your blog for the Liebster award :)