Sunday 26 January 2014

Makeup Storage

Hey! I'm baaaaaack! January exams are over (something I am very happy about) and I can get back to blogging, and man have I missed it!

I've decided to do my 'returning' post on my makeup storage, as it has been requested quite a few times!

So I've got this desktop acrylic drawer (that I've had for so long that I can't remember where it's from!), which houses all my makeup - lip products in the top drawer, eye products in the middle, and base products at the bottom! I've been tempted to switch to MUJI drawers, but I like the fact that these have nice deep drawers and a bit of colour.

Then I keep all my brushes (except one kabuki brush) in a me to you tin pencil holder, including my nail art brushes and there's also a pair of tweezers sneaking in there too!

And finally, and the most recent addition to my makeup storage, is a letter rack from Asda that holds all my palettes. Before I bought this, I just sort of had them all stacked up next to my drawers, but this makes my palettes more accessible and looks nicer too.

Of the owls you can see in the picture, one is a trinket box I'm currently storing cotton pads in, and the other is a vanilla candle I got for Christmas. So cute! 

How do you store your makeup collection?


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  1. I love your owls they are so cute :) also the letter rack is a great idea!

  2. I love the drawers I find them so helpful - Ive just had a big clear out of mine as I had make-up that was like over two years old in them ahah! Atleast there's room for more now though ;) I love that letter rack idea I am always looking for a place to keep my palettes!