Wednesday 13 November 2013

Nail Art: Owls!

Hey! Today I've got another nail art tutorial to share with you, and I feel like this one is a bit overdue, given my own love of owls. Seriously. I have owl jewellery, owl print clothing, owl cushions, an owl doorstop, owl print mugs, owl phone case, owl twitter background... you get the idea.

And right now I have owls on my nails; want them on yours? Here's how:

1. Apply base coat, and then a dark brown all over the nails.

2. Apply a pigmented nude or light brown to the inner section of the nail (if that makes any sense at all).

3. Add large white dots for eyes, using a white nail art pen or dotting tool.

4. Use a black striper to add a criss-cross pattern to the nude/light brown area.

5. Add final details of pupils and a yellow beak (again with nail art pens or a dotting tool) and complete with top coat.

And there you have cutesy owl nails! Sorry for the bad lighting, I keep forgetting how dark it gets so much earlier now...

Any particular nail art you'd like to see next?



  1. Ahhhh that is so adorable! Owls are so cute, I need to do this. Looking forward to meeting you at the East Midlands meet up.

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    1. Thanks! Same, I'll have to make sure my nails are something new! xx