Friday 29 November 2013

Roadhouse Weekend

Hey! Today I'll be blogging about something a bit different: Flair. Flair is the art of bartending while using tricks (including flipping, spinning, and juggling tins and shakers) to entertain customers while making their drinks.

This year at university I joined Flair Society (which I believe is the only one in the country), and I can honestly say it has been the best society I've joined in all my two-and-a-bit years of being a student! That is however, not to say that I am any good at Flair myself (yet)

Last weekend, I had the most AMAZING time at the Roadhouse World Flair Finals. Dancing, cheering, drinking cocktails, and generally partying hard! The level of skills these guys had was INCREDIBLE. The first stage of heats was 5 minutes of a 'working flair' routine (different levels of liquid in bottles, and 'flat' throws), and then the six finalists went on to perform an 8 minute routine of 'exhibition flair' (less than 60ml of liquid in each bottle, specifically for flipping).

And as if THAT wasn't enough, there was also the Tandem Finals (multiple, usually two, people flairing together), which were super impressive to watch, as it's difficult enough to know where to catch a bottle when you throw it, let alone when someone else has!

But enough rambling and onto some pictures of the event!
(Warning: there's a lot.)

And finally here are a few things I got from the weekend:

The book (a collection of stories from bartenders around the world), and the floral patterned tin were prizes given out during the event, and the Roadhouse tin and flair bottle were purchases of my own (keen).

Oh, and of course I couldn't resist having cocktail-themed nails for the weekend!

How was your weekend?



  1. Oh wow it looks like it was amazing! I have never heard of Flair before, wish my Uni had a Flair Society too haha :) xx

    1. it was so much fun :) Flair itself is too! Although I can't say its always injury free! (think accidentally launching bottles across a room) xx