Friday 18 October 2013

Halloween Makeup Tutorials: #bloggoween

Hey! As you may have guessed, today's post is all about Halloween and I'd like to share two makeup tutorials with you - one scary, one not-so, but both are really easy and use hardly any products! This is part of a series I'm taking part in along with other bloggers: #bloggoween. Hopefully this give you some ideas with plenty of time for Halloween this year.

So, without any further waffle: onto the tutorials!

Sugar Skull

First, cover your eyebrows and apply concealer to your lips, then draw large circles around each eye, and fill in with a colour of your choice. Re-outline with a thicker line and draw petals around the edges. For the mouth, draw a fake smile extending from the corners of your mouth, and draw small vertical lines across this. Add a cobweb effect across your forehead, and complete with a black nose.

This look would be great with a floral crown if you still have one around from summer festivals, or simply a rose tucked behind the ear! If you were feeling fancy; you could add glitter or rhinestones to the petals around the eyes, or if like me you prefer to be scary at Halloween; you could zombify this look with some white contacts and some grey contouring - you could even add some fake blood if you want!

Killer Clown

Start with a white base, cover your brows, then draw an outline of an oversize mouth and fill in the teeth. Outline this with a red lipstick, and finish the edges with a black eyeliner. For the eyes, use a black eyeliner to draw a cross over one eye then smudge out. Use black eyeshadow to continue smudging out the shape, and apply messily all over the other lid. Finally, use red lipstick to add a red nose and black eyeliner for eyebrows.

All you'd really need to make this work is a red clown wig, but if you wanted some extra horror - fake blood wouldn't go amiss!

Hope you found some inspiration here!



  1. I love your halloween makeup looks :D x

  2. Love both these looks and the killer clown looks very scary! :P I did a bloggoween post too :)

  3. These are awesome! The clown especially is pretty spooky :L

    I took part in Bloggoween too!

    Frankie x

  4. I love the clown look, so creepy! x

    Amy / srslylou

  5. Both great for Halloween, enjoy your weekend, xoxo.

  6. Those halloween makeup looks pretty amazing!
    I love sweet skull makeup, I even include them in my list of favorites too,
    Feel free to check them out for more ideas.

    Happy Bloggoween!
    Halloween makeup ideas