Wednesday 23 October 2013

Review: Unii Palette

Hey! I feel like I haven't properly reviewed anything for ages, so today I'm going to do just that!

At the beginning of summer, I demolished my Urban Decay NYC Palette as it was bulky and impractical, and opted to depot the eyeshadows into something easier to travel with.

The concept of most custom palettes involves using a large magnet on the base of the palette and then sticking magnets to the bottom of your depotted products and when placed in the palette the magnets will attract and keep them in place.

The first custom palette I found was actually the Z Palette, and I was going to get the small version and fit all 16 shadows in snugly, but the dimensions were just a teeny bit too small to fit them all. It was then that I found the Unii Palette, and decided to get this instead, because it had the added bonus of a huge mirror!

So, onto the palette itself! I chose the Midnight colour, which is black with hints of gold shimmer running through (which my camera hasn't picked up very well). As I said before, I wanted this for travelling with so does it do it's job?

It is a nice size palette for depotting a wide variety of products into, I only had eyeshadows to depot but the space would allow for blushers, bronzers or maybe even a pressed face powder! (I've put some mini eyeshadow brushes in mine) The huge mirror is a massive plus in my books, particularly if its purpose is to travel with. There is also a handy thumb grip, which I don't personally use, but I can see that some people would find it beneficial.

Unfortunately for me (and four eyeshadows), my palette didn't survive my journey back to uni. The palette itself is fine, but some of the eyeshadows had shifted and got smashed. I can however say that their customer service for this was very helpful, and I was offered a partial refund while being reassured this isn't usually the case with their palettes.

So overall, this is a great palette for depotting shadows and saving yourself some space. I can't say that I myself would risk travelling with it again, but if this was a one-off then it should be ok for other people.

If you'd like to purchase your own Unii Palette, you can buy them here.


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