Wednesday 11 September 2013

Suits Nail Art

Hey! Lately I've been a tad addicted to the TV program Suits and so I thought I'd share some nail art inspired by that!

The picture on the left is the one I did most recently, but I also thought I'd show some of the other suits-style designs I've done in the past. The middle one is the nails I had a New Years last year, and the tuxedos on the right are my go-to for formal events.

The design itself is actually really easy to create: simply paint you nails in whatever colour you wish, then add a triangle of a different colour at the top or the bottom of the nail with a thinner brush, and finish with details using a nail art pen or small dotting tool. You could do a normal tie or a bow tie and buttons. Simples!

In other news, I recently won a giveaway to have my blog completely (and properly) redesigned! Exciting times, so keep an eye out.


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