Wednesday 4 September 2013

Autumn Lookbook

Hey! September has officially landed, and with it: Autumn! I love summer as much as the next beauty blogger; but I can't say enough how excited I am to embrace all the AW13 trends! 

Today I thought I'd share basically a mini lookbook for the sorts of things I'd like to wear this season. I've chosen three main trends: Monchrome, Tartan, and Floral.

My first look is for Monochrome, and includes two of my favourite things: oversize knitted jumpers and ankle boots. The colder weather means I can bring out my trusty beanie (a saviour on bad hair days!) and I also feel this outfit would be appropriate for more wintery months with a big coat thrown on top.

My second look, Tartan, also includes ankle boots but I think this check shirt is absolutely gorgeous as it's made of a sheer fabric. I think this would be a perfect look for uni, but it doesn't feel complete without a red lip!

Last but not least is Floral, and I think this is a nice transitional outfit - one for the warmer weather we're still getting. Having said that, you could definitely add a thick pair of tights and a cosy cardigan to this for the chillier weather. I also own a pair of shoes like this, and I feel they ought to get a bit more love this Autumn.

Bonus look! Another floral-themed outfit, I spotted this skirt on Polyvore and couldn't resist making a look with it! I think this would be more suitable for an evening out, and you could wear heels with this.

So those are my looks for this AW13! Hope you've enjoyed, and maybe got some inspiration.


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