Wednesday 21 August 2013

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Hey! Today's post is something a bit different! I've been approached by Prairie Charms - an online jewellery and accessories boutique - to take part in a little blog series they're doing as part of a relaunch of their website! The blog series involves myself and other bloggers answering questions and our posts are automatically entered into a competition where we get to design our own piece of jewellery! (Plus other stuff, but that's the bit I find exciting). They've also offered a little extra 35% off purchases on their website for my lovely readers (use JEWELS35 at checkout).

So, on with the questions they've asked:

1) Describe your jewellery style in three words: 
Fun. Quirky. Metallic.
2) What was the first bit of jewellery you ever purchased? (If you purchased it yourself, why did it stand out to you, and if you got it as a gift what was it for?)

I honestly can’t remember! It would have been so long ago, but I reckon it would have been from Claire’s Accessories – I used to love that shop when I was younger!

3) What is your most meaningful piece of jewellery?
All of my most meaningful jewellery is in a separate jewellery box, and has been bought for me by family members over the years. This includes my christening bangle/bracelet and some gold jewellery from my grandparents; bought in the Souks when they used to live in the Middle East.

In addition to that though, I have my Pandora bracelet and all the charms currently on it have some sentimental value or memory attached to it. In particular I have one charm which has “Dreams Really Do Come True” engraved on it, and this inspires me to stay determined even if things are tough, and I have a good luck owl charm my mum got me last year after I had a bit of a rough patch.

4) What is your jewellery style or do you own an eclectic mix?

I’d say my style varies slightly with current trends. For example, I used to love big statement necklaces but more recently I have been opting for simpler pendants/chains.

I don’t tend to wear much colour in my jewellery – it tends to be the metallic colours, with small details – with the exception of earrings. Of which some of my favourites are oversized cherries studs.

5) What is your favourite type of jewellery? (Rings, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or something else?) And is there a type of jewellery that you've never got along with?
I definitely love wearing necklaces, I really think they can change a whole outfit – but I have to say I would feel a bit naked without a pair of earrings – usually just a simple pair of studs; I rarely wear anything which dangles or loops!

I can’t wear bangles! My wrists are just too skinny for the size they tend to make them in. I also find it tricky to buy costume jewellery rings because my fingers are so small!

6) Whose jewellery box would you love to raid? (It could be a celebrity, a friends, or somebody from your own family) and why?
The Queen! Imagine having access to all those Crown Jewels?!

Failing that though, I know I already raid my mum’s jewellery quite regularly (still ‘borrowing’ one necklace on long term) – sorry mum!

7) Silver or gold? Are you somebody that despises the other or would you settle for a wide variety of colours?
A bit of both really, depends on what I’m wearing that day. Having said that, I’m really loving rose gold at the moment!

8) How do you store your jewellery? Do you put it in a jewellery box or have it displayed for the world to see?
I have several places to store my jewellery; expensive sentimental type jewellery has its own jewellery box; my earrings, rings, and belly rings have a little box; and the rest of my necklaces/bracelets (and sometimes hair clips) hang on a jewellery tree.

9) Do you own any heirloom jewellery? If so, what is it and who is it from?
I don’t think so, I have a few rings which used to be my mums/nanas but other than that nothing which has been passed down through many generations. It’s probably just as well – I’d be too scared of breaking it!

10) Who are your favourite jewellery brands and which piece of jewellery are you looking to add to your collection next?
I don’t really have a favourite brand for jewellery; I just choose jewellery pieces I like from all sorts of shops!

I’m currently looking for a memorable piece from Clogau for my 21st birthday (even though its ages away!). Clogau make jewellery using Welsh rose gold for accents, and I think it will be nice to have something connected to my welsh roots.


This blog series is brought to you via UK based handmade company Prairie Charms (please hyperlink using: For 35% off please enter 'JEWELS35' at checkout.

If you're a blogger and would like to take part in further episodes of this blog series e-mail or tweet @Prairie_Charms. Or if you would like to take part in the Project Blogger Collaboration, please hyperlink:

PS Hope you've enjoyed reading my responses, look out soon for my review of some items I ordered from Prairie Charms plus a giveaway!

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