Sunday 25 August 2013

Prairie Charms: Project Blogger

Hey! So the last post featured a lovely little online boutique called Prairie Charms. They hand make gorgeous jewellery and hair accessories and today I'm going to review some items I've ordered from them, as well as offer you the chance to win some in my first ever giveaway!

Before I jump into proper review mode, I'd like to take to a minute just sit right here I'll tell you how I became the Prince of a town called Bel Air to rave about how great the customer service is! The email responses are so fast and super friendly; I feel well and truly looked after even with one small order! I should also warn you this post is pretty picture heavy (everything is super pretty though).

One final thing (I promise) is how cute the packaging is! My order arrived in a fancy gold envelope (none of this boring brown paper here), making me feel a bit like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - or should it be Charley and the Chocolate Factory? Anyway, I digress... each of the products was wrapped safely in cellophane and then pretty purple tissue paper (how did they know purple's my favourite colour?) making my order feel more like a gift than a purchase.

Okay, onto the actual products!

I chose a couple of hair bows - a pink polka dot one for day, and glittery ones for night; some plain black hair ties (I'm sure I've read somewhere this style does't snag your hair) and because I spent over £10 they also sent me a little extra in the form of a glittery purple heart headband (could also be worn as a bracelet).

So first up is the pink polka dot hair bow. This is the Aaliyah Bow - £6.50*, and I think it's so cute and retro! I've worn this at the front of a hair bun (using a Vivienne Hair Tie - £5*) and it takes seconds to clip in, but really adds a bit of interest to the hairstyle. I was a bit worried initially that wearing a hair bow might take me back to my school years and make me feel a bit childish - but its quite the opposite I think! I feel some 50's housewife vibes crossed with Minnie Mouse. As homage to that, I've put together a little outfit I'd wear with this; as well as some nail art:

I've picked some light blue 'mom jeans' with a simple white cami and cutesy accessories. I've also taken inspiration from my own mum as she actually had this Ted Baker bag in a peach colour! This works for warmer weather, or the addition of a cream knitted cardi makes it suitable when there's a typical British chill!

For nails, I didn't want to be too obvious and have plain polka dots so I went with something which highlighted the Minnie Mouse feel the bow has. I would have had white Minnie-heads but they didn't show up too well! So black silhouettes with a glitter accent nail it is! 

Next up is the Effie Glitter Bow in Peacock - £8*. I LOVE the colours of this! It's so unique to anything I've seen in shops, and I think it'll be great to jazz up outfits for a night out! The other bonus is that to go from day night all it would take is a swap of a hair bow! So, what would I wear on a night out with this?

...A dress of course! And some accessories which complement the hair bow; glittery shoes, a necklace with similar colours and a simple bag to bring it all together!

For nails, I've tried to find a colour in my collection which complements the hair bow and so I've gone for a bright teal colour. I could have gone for all-out glitter nails - but I didn't want to go over the top! So one glitter accent nail again, and a second accent nail in a simple-aztec design for this look.

I am super happy with my hair bows, and also my hair ties which really don't snag your hair or create that dreaded kink! I'd now like to offer you lovely people the chance to win the other items I haven't mentioned yet! That would be the other glitter bow, and the purple glitter heart headband!

This giveaway will run for a month, and then I shall let the winner know! To enter, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below and make sure you're following my blog either with GFC or Bloglovin'

*Products purchased with 50% off as part of Project Blogger.

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