Wednesday 9 July 2014

Beauty Travel Essentials

This week, as part of my summer engineering placement, I'm attending a three day event in Lancaster. It's going to be pretty varied, from networking events and a formal dinner, to factory visits and outdoor team-building activities.

Obviously I'll need makeup that goes from day to night, but at the same time I don't really fancy taking my entire makeup collection! So this post is kind of a cross between being nosy at what I'm taking with me, and some of my tips for keeping makeup travel-friendly!

I've got my beauty travel essentials pretty much sorted (obviously I'll have other things like toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc but those are boring).

Skincare-wise, I've kept it simple by taking multi-tasking face wipes. These Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes are gentle on the skin, while being able remove makeup and cleanse. I wouldn't use these every day, but they take up far less space than taking my entire skincare routine (although I might sneak an extra moisturiser into my case).

For makeup, my Z Pallette comes in really handy, because I can fit a range of eyeshadows, a blusher, and a bronzer (all depotted of course). Base-wise, a travel sized primer is useful, and putting a smaller amount of foundation into a sample pot is a great way of saving space (foundation bottles can be so bulky!)

This 2-in-1 mascara does both top and bottom lashes, and I think I'd be lost without liquid eyeliner for cat eye flicks! I'll be taking just one lipstick, in a wearable pink colour that can be worn with anything, and my Travalo perfume spray (same concept as taking less foundation).

And finally, when it comes to cutting down on the number of brushes to take, multi-tasking and double-ended brushes are your new best friends!



  1. Not tried their facewipes but their other products are lovely.
    Carrieanne xx

  2. I've been meaning to try those face wipes forever!