Wednesday 11 June 2014

Ingredients To Avoid For Blemish Prone Skin

 I've wanted to write this post for a while, about some of the ingredients I avoid to improve the health of my skin. I never really used to pay attention to specific ingredients, but then I noticed a connection between breakouts and products I was using that had the same ingredients in. 

Of course, different products/ingredients affect different people's sin differently (okay, I'm done with the word different now), but after a bit of time and research; these are the ones I've found to have an adverse effect on me (please don't ask me to pronounce half of these!):

- sulphates: SLS/ALS
- foaming ingredients - generally products which foam up tend to irritate my skin
- mineral oil - a lot of cheaper skincare uses this, and it has a tendency to clog up pores (not ideal)
- steareth 10
- propylene glycol
- monostearate isopropyl
- mysistate cetyl acetate
- lanolin

I thought it might also be helpful to include some of the ingredients I look out for as being good for my skin, particularly for breakouts:

- manuka honey - such a miracle product really, it's good for the complexion and great for your insides too
- salicyclic acid - quite a well known one for breakouts
- tea tree - reduces redness
- witch hazel
- clay - good for controlling oil

Are there any ingredients you avoid/look out for?



  1. I try to avoid parabens and the ones you've mentioned about but not for oily skin purposes, although I do have oily skin, just there's some vague evidence of links to cancer etc. Obviously I don't always succeed in avoiding them but will always be attracted by packaging saying it doesn't have them in!

  2. Great post Charley! As a green blogger I avoid these ingredients & its helped my skin so much!