Sunday 23 March 2014

Review: Curlformers

Hey! Today I've got a review for you, on a product that's not widely talked about, but one that I love!

The Curlformers are a set of silicon-y spirals, which are hollow, and using the tool which comes with the set, you pull sections of hair through the spirals. (There are picture instructions in the lid which explain this much better than me). They come in a variety of widths to create tight or loose curls, and a variety of lengths for different hair lengths - all types shown here.

I have the Long Barrel Curls version (although I could probably do with the Extra Long version now), and as with all varieties; you can put these in either wet or dry hair. The quickest method I find is to apply them in dry hair then just give a quick blast of heat with a hairdryer, and leave to cool in the curlformers. Once removed (just pull them out) you are left with lovely romantic curls/waves. For a longer lasting look, apply to damp hair before bed, and sleep with them in as your hair dries (not the comfiest, but definitely possible) then in the morning, take out for bouncy beachy curls.

I personally think these are great, because I for the life of me cannot get on with rollers - sleep-in or otherwise. These are a great alternative and a heat(ish) free way of curling your hair! It's also much less time-consuming, and less of an arm-strain if like me, you have long hair.

 I thought I'd spare you a picture of me looking like Medusa with them all in, but here is just one.

And the finished look, after leaving in a set overnight.

You can buy Curlformers directly from their website, or on

Ever heard of these before? Would you give them a go?



  1. I've always wanted to try curl formers, they are so inexpensive and look beautiful xx

  2. These look brill haven't seen them before. The curls look perfect Lucy

  3. I've never heard of this product before but they look really good!

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  4. OH WOW! I've never heard of curlformers, they look so interesting and very effective! I don't suit curly hair sadly, which is why I straighten my hair but I think my mum would love to try these!

    Peach Pow XO

  5. Wow, this create such beautiful curls, this is something I'd really love to try.

    Krystal || Little Beauty Bug <3

  6. These are really impressive - they look great!

  7. Wow I'm shocked by how amazing your curls look! I definitely need to try these for myself xxx