Wednesday 31 July 2013

EOTD: Coloured Smokey Eyes

Hey! Recently I've been experimenting with bolder night looks; partly for a change from my standard daytime neutral/gold eye, and partly because my Urban Decay NYC Palette has gorgeous colours in, but has been so unloved!

So these are what I came up with, and by no means were these first attempts!

left: green smokey eye | right: blue smokey eye

My eyes are a strange mix of blue/green with hazel in the very centre which look different depending on light/ what I'm wearing/ what day of week it is (probably)... the list goes on. But anyway, I thought I'd try and intentionally bring out these colours in my eyes with respective eyeshadow colours. I'm not sure I really achieved this, I think they've just ended up being a greeny-brown in both versions. Ah well.

So for the first look, I have used the greens of the Urban Decay NYC Palette (Kush in the middle, Loaded in the outer third) and a gold colour (Maui Wowie) for the inner third. I have reflected this in my lash line too. I've tried to 'wing out' the look too, so it's more prominent even when my eyes are open.

For the second look, I've used a combination of blues and purples, for a peacock-y smoked eye (or so I like to think). The purple doesn't show up too well in these photos, but the colours I used were: Haight all over the lid, then a mix of Radium and Rockstar through the crease. Below the eye is Haight again, with Radium in the outer corner.

To finish both looks, is a flick of black eyeliner (along the top lashline and in the bottom waterline), and a good black mascara for top and bottom lashes. I would definitely recommend Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara, especially if you have pesky long bottom lashes and tend to end up with panda eyes!

I definitely think I could replicate these looks, and hopefully you can too! My tips would be to practice first, and have a decent blending brush or two. I'm glad I've found some use for these bright (and slightly intimidating) colours, and my Urban Decay NYC Palette is now depotted into a Unii Palette, but more on that another day!

Would you wear this sort of makeup for a night out?



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