Thursday 13 June 2013


Okay, deep breath, let the blogging begin!

Hi, I'm Charley and I'm aware that there's about a million and one beauty blogs already out there, but I rather want one too! I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing since last summer about starting one, but it's taken until now to actually take the plunge. 

I love reading other beauty blogs, but I often find myself having different opinions about products, or wanting to know more about something and not quite finding what I'm looking for. Soooo, I'm hoping I can offer something a bit different with this blog.

I guess that's all I have to say for now, see you on the next post!



  1. Hellooo!
    Welcome to the blogging world, I'm sure you'll love being part of the beauty community! And I'm definitely looking forward to reading your reviews; I know what you mean about having different opinions on things- sometimes there will be a product that everyone loves that I just find doesn't work at all for me.
    Anyway, I hope you're well and hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx

    1. Thank you! Same, and I always feel so disappointed when a hyped-up product doesn't work for me :( xx